Filmmaker Nadia Lesy shoots, directs, produces and edits experimental dance videos and documentary shorts. Her videos capture the energy and power of subjects ranging from hip hop and Modern dance, to Parkour and boxing. With a unique background in video production and dance, Lesy takes her audiences beyond the two dimensions of the screen. By painstakingly establishing relationships with her subjects, Lesy captures the depth and emotional power of their movements. Her work is marked both by dynamic editing and compelling video imagery. Whether shooting on the wild streets of New York City, or within the confines of a professional theater or a gritty boxing gym, Lesy relishes challenges that call on her ability to capture chaos and make it beautiful.

Montclair University Dance Department Performance, BEAST & Angels Walking In The Light

In November of 2014, I had the pleasure of shooting Montclair State University Dance Department's fall semester performance. The concert was presented on a massive stage, and the performances featured an impressive variety of found dance talent and choreographers. Here is a short video excerpt from that night.

This past summer I work with a film crew from the Dominican Republic who wanted to shoot "some interesting action" with their new steady cam rig. Working together, we shot a short Parkour movie called "Beast." The premise of the video is about a man who is chased by a demon in a rail yard and other unique, industrial locations in Bushwick and Ridgewood, Queens. Here is a quick trailerI edited recently. Look for the full length video in 2015. 


June 2014, I collaborated with Catherine Gallant and her dancers. We were given permission to shoot at Green-Wood over the course of several months. In process, a site specific video was created. Entitled, "Angels Walking In The Light" the video was shot at the landmark Green-Wood Cemetery, located in Brooklyn, NY. The choreography was inspired by Isadora Duncan. Reimagined for the screen, the location and dance recall a world that existed over a century ago. Videography by: Nadia Lesy Editing by: Nadia Lesy Performances and Choreography by: Catherine Gallant/DANCE Music: "Concerto in D Minor for Oboe and Orchestra" by Alessandro Marcello For more information go to: and